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The Other Half of PURE

For over a year now, I have been racking my brain on how I could expand within an industry I have fallen in love with. I photograph weddings and I am absolutely obsessed with it! I find myself most fascinated with the wedding dress and the bouquet. Seeing how I struggle to keep a succulent alive, I focused in on THE dress...what brides were wearing, why they chose that dress, and where they were getting their dresses? When I finally wrapped my brain around it, then I made the call… “Hey Mom! We should open a bridal store!” (insert crazy face emoji)

We went back and forth with a THOUSAND different ideas (I am incredibly fickle and drove my Mom nuts!) and finally landed on the concept that made the most sense to both of us.

Next was the name… PURE bridal boutique. This took a lot of thought and brainstorming but once my Mom said PURE, I knew it! I loved the simplicity of it and how it left you feeling refreshed. It was perfect.

The beauty of our partnership: I bring knowledge of the wedding industry and the eyes. My mom brings the knowledge of the retail industry and the business brain. Together we picked out some AMAZING designers and their designs to open our doors with. We could not be more pumped about what we are bringing to Downtown Fort Myers! We have received so much positive feedback from local business owners in the local wedding industry and in the Downtown River District. It is inspiring to see everyone’s excitement for our boutique!

A little about myself: I have been a wedding photographer for 4 years now and have adored getting to know everyone within the industry. I thrive off of caffeine and chaos! I love being on the go 24/7 just as much as I love snuggling up with my family at home. I have an amazing husband and three beautiful children! We live on a little bit of property and always find ourselves outside! I am a social butterfly (so I have been told my entire life) and look forward to meeting so many new brides! I think being apart of a bride picking her dream dress will be so rewarding and I probably will be crying with her!

If you haven’t read my Mom’s introduction blog post, check it out! She gets into a lot more detail about the store and what we have to offer!

Hope to see everyone in January when the doors open!

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